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Find all your forms for local service here. Check it out. We will try an keep this area updated with the latest forms (PDF) so you can download and print. Thanks.

Application For Boards and Commissions

If you have an interest in serving on any of the boards or commissions, please fill out the following form and submit it to the City Manager's Office.

Automatic Bank Draft

The Automatic Bank Draft Option authorizes the City of Dowagiac to deduct my utility payment, on approximately the 10th of each month, from the bank account of my choice. This form is being accurately completed, signed and returned to the Utility Department along with a voided check in order for the deduction to begin.

Electronic Billing Authorization

In an effort to be “Green” and save money, the City of Dowagiac is now offering our customers the option of receiving their utility billing in PDF format via email each month. Please complete the form below and return it to the City at your earliest convenience. If you choose to receive your utility bill in electronic format, you will no longer receive a paper copy in the mail. Your signature below authorizes the City of Dowagiac to send your bills to the email address listed below. If your email address changes, please notify the utility office of the change.

Third Party Billing

I hereby consent and authorize the City of Dowagiac Utility Department, on my behalf, to notify the following designated person(s) and/or property owner to receive my account information as indicated.

Tenant Affidavit and Third Party Authorization Form

Affidavit of Tenant Responsibility for City of Dowagiac Utility Charges and Third Party Authorization Form